FURC here we come!

Four accepted abstracts to the Florida 🎉🎉🎉Undergraduate Research Conference! Now to get four posters in tip top shape!

Feeding Selectivity of Juvenile Seahorses on Wild Zooplankton During Early Development. Authors: Alyssa Stubbs, Vikash Bisram, Sarah Krejci

Determining Spatial and Temporal Water Quality Changes in the Halifax River Lagoon (HRL), FL Authors: Jehmia Williams, Danithza S. Rojas-Torres, Juan Calderon, Sarah Krejci

Effects of Superbloom Conditions on Zooplankton Density in the Indian River Lagoon, FL. Authors: Jonathan Johnson, Sarah Krejci

Examining Zooplankton Density Related to Seasonal and Water Quality Conditions in the Halifax River Lagoon, FL. Authors: Lakean McGregor and Sarah Krejci


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