Paper in a day? Maybe a week

After being inspired by sciencemag’s recent article on writing experiments to inspire productivity ( Dr. Krejci, Dr. Juan Calderon, undergraduate Jehmia Williams, and newly graduated masters student Danithza “Danny” Rojas-Torres settled on this week to hash out a draft (and hopefully submission) of our Halifax River water quality paper. Today was day one and the group managed to surprise Dr. Krejci by secretly flying in Danny from Colombia to work on the paper rather than Skyping in!

Today’s accomplishments included a well formed draft introduction, running, rerunning, and triple running PCAs for our Fall data, and beginning the results section. Now that the PCA analysis is “fine tuned” tomorrow will be dedicated to finishing the results and methods sections, and maybe taking a picture of our take over of the Dean’s conference room 😂

Today’s snacks included: goldfish crackers, cookies and coffee at 7pm.

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