Benthic Foram search!

Today we met with Dr. Michael Martinez-Colon from FAMU who partners with B-CU and other partner universities on the NOAA Center for Coastal and Marine Ecosystems grant. Dr. Martínez is a benthic foraminifera scientist and he’s been searching for a nearby source of Ammonia. Dr. Krejci had spotted forams in the lab’s Halifax River plankton samples and suggested he sample in the Daytona area for benthic species. Dr. Cho, Dr. Kim and Dr. Krejci helped him locate sandy and muddy bottom sites near LPGA Blvd at Sunrise park, attempted a sample at Oakridge Causeway at Sickler Park but it was too shelly, Dunlawton Causeway and Ponce Inlet. Back in the lab Dr. Martinez was able to locate the target genus and some other forams too. The new sampling area for his lab is a great find to support his student’s research!

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