Dodging Hurricane Dorian

The Krejci Aquatic Research Lab was supposed to be spending Labor Day weekend at the MACNA conference learning about the latest in marine aquaculture. Our disappointed researchers learned we had to cancel our trip to get them on the road to their hurricane evacuation location. Some students are traveling out of state to get to family to avoid the storm. We’re very sad about missing the conference, but safety of our students was the most important thing!

Bethune-Cookman’s campus was closing down today in advance of anticipated category 4 Hurricane Dorian. The Aquatic Research Lab has been through a few hurricanes so we’ve got this down! Dr. Krejci spent 3 hours packing up fish, lab and office gear, and draining tanks in preparation for the storm. She drove the fish, tanks, food and water to Dr. Adeljean Ho’s house that has had good luck with maintaining power in previous storms. Hopefully all 40 fish will make it through this crazy storm! Stay safe Florida!

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