Beach ecology research is hard, but also awesome!

Students in the General Ecology course at Bethune-Cookman Univeristy participated in a the first day of a three week field laboratory gathering data on ghost crabs and beach macroplatics.

The students have participated in two interactive labs from HHMI Biointeractive earlier in the semester, and several laboratory exercises, but today they learned the challenges of conducting field research themselves:

    Sand everywhere
    wind blowing lab papers around
    organizing field gear
    Gear breaking
    sand, sand and more sand….then rain. What field work isn’t complete without a rainstorm 😂🤷‍♀️!
  • Briauna’s face says it all! The team will be back at it again next Monday!
  • Rain or shine there’s nothing better than driving a couple blocks and being on the beach 💙 How can you complain when you get to teach or learn beachside on a Monday in late October?!
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