Fish, beach macroplastics, and education…all the research themes tackled today!

Any day in the lab requires quick transitions from teaching courses to mentoring students, designing studies, meetings and conducting research. Today was no exception.

Xavier Grindley met up with Dr. Krejci to begin our supply list for our first recirculating aquaculture system in the new lab which will begin by housing pipefish and switch to our ocean acidification studies on clownfish.

Dr. Krejci has been designing an intervention on socioscientific argumentation for her Introduction to Environmental Science course. Today students completed their pretest and were assigned an Argument Diagramming intervention available from Carnegie Melon’s Online Learning Initiative (OLI). The students will be comparing genetically modified foods to organic using argument diagraming to determine which method of agriculture they support.

This afternoon the General Ecology class completed their last beach sampling for their study on macroplastics and ghost crabs. Every time we go to Sunsplash park it rains! Today was no exception. I think most of the students have decided field work is not for them LOL

In the lab this evening, Alyssa and Ja’Kaila are setting up their trials for the juvenile seahorse feeding selectivity study. These researchers have been rocking copepod and algal culture in the lab! Their cultures are booming and we’re all excited about the upcoming results.

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