New lab researcher-Welcome Sena!

Today we have a new member of our undergraduate research team, sophomore Sena Dei-sukpa. Today she received water quality and fish care training from lab veteran Ja’Kaila Jefferson and Dr. Krejci. Her initial duties will be animal husbandry until she finds a research project she’s passionate about! We can’t wait to see what research she chooses!

New researcher, Sena, learning about copepods from Ja’Kaila Jefferson on her first official day in the Krejci Aquatic Research Laboratory

Dr. Krejci mentors undergraduate, from freshman to seniors, and graduate students in the lab. Students are expected to dedicate a minimum of four hours per week in the lab and usually start off with animal husbandry.

Duties include water quality analysis, feeding our seahorses and other fish, and culturing a variety of algae and zooplankton to support our research. Students are encouraged to participate in field collections and outreach activities. Dr. Krejci meets with each student twice a week to discuss research ideas and develop practical projects which they can use for their theses.

Interested students should contact No experience is necessary but students should be prepared for an interview and provide a letter of recommendation.

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