We have corals!

Yesterday Dr. Krejci and undergraduate researcher, Cameron Eskew, took a road trip to Nova Southeastern Univeristy to pick up baby stony corals (Porites astreoides) donated by professor Dr. Joana Figueiredo. Cameron was able to get a tour of the lab, advice about coral care and graduate school.

The road trip was 3.5 hours each way and the corals arrived Bethune-Cookman Univeristy around 11pm. They were slowly acclimated to their new tank where they will be monitored daily for the next few weeks.

Cameron’s future research on the corals will be comparing how supplemental feeding can improve growth rates. Stony corals along the Florida reef tract are being devastated by diseases and climate change. Researchers around the state are making significant progress on captive spawning and restoration methods to aid in fighting reef loss. We are happy to be apart of that fight now at B-CU!

Video of coral pick up and transport from NSU to BCU

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