Sad news to report

It is with sad hearts that we report the conjoined twins passed away yesterday after 15 day alive. Sadly it appears the smaller twin passed away in the evening and was followed by the larger twin. Dr. Krejci is planning a detailed necropsy, or animal version of an autopsy, to understand more about their internal anatomy and why they may have died. We will share those results when they are ready.

Conjoined twins from day three (left) and day seven (right)

While this is disappointing news, their presence at Bethune-Cookman was a source of inspiration, wonder and discovery for our students and faculty.

Dr. Krejci (far left) and junior Integrated Environmental Science Researchers (from left to right): Cameron Eskew, Lauren Albury, and Mario Watson

The presence of conjoined seahorse twins is a very rare occurrence. Even in previous reported cases, none made it past their first day of life. We are blessed to have had this opportunity to study these seahorses for as long as we could. Everyday they survived was a cause for celebration and we are grateful for everyone that took interest in them.

Our seahorse and coastal ecology research at B-CU will continue to be chronicled online as our students conduct research that contributes to aquaculture and Florida conservation efforts.

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