Research Methods Field Day

A fantastic day in Research Methods for our first face-to-face lab in spring 2021! It was funny to physically meet each other and put names to faces, for them and me.

We went to dunlawton causeway where there is a great mud flat filled with fiddler crabs. The students learned to run a transect line and measure fiddler crab density with a quadrat.

They will use the data to create frequency diagrams and they will run t-tests to compare density and burrow size between two transects.

Most of the class stayed late to help me with an optional zooplankton tow, to watch the dolphins, and then we sat in the parking lot talking about what graduate school is like.

I think all of us were craving face to face time after so much virtual school!! Next week we get to go out on a pontoon and do water quality sampling!

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