FSA prep outreach at Turie T. Small Elementary School

Dr. Connie Mitchell, educator, founder of Rivers Edge STREAM, and B-CU chemistry alumni, has been out at Turie T. Small Elementary School helping students prepare for their Florida Standards Assessments with engaging hands on STEM activities.

Dr. Mitchell reached out to our lab to help discuss science concepts for 5th graders. Dr. Krejci (IES and Natural Science), Shawana Brooks (Center for Trans-disciplinary Data Analytics), and Cameron Eskew (IES undergrad) set up and instructed three stations examining sand, soil and mud.

Sand Station- students examined sand samples from Daytona Beach by looking at sediment grain size and uncovering the biological and human impacts of on our local beaches.

Soil Station- students examined soil horizons and hypothesized on what biological and physical processes occur to create these different layers.

Mud Station, “aka the fun station”- students learned about biological indicators of water quality by examining macro invertebrates from a pond. Students got to dig around in the muck looking for snails, worms and bugs. We even spotted a spring peeper tadpole and a fish!

Along the way, students filled out their data sheets and answered questions on the sediment samples.

It was a great way for B-CU to contribute to our local schools and support our teachers! We look forward to the next opportunity to bring our research to these budding scientists 🔬🦠🧪

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