ARL Facilities


The facility is housed within the Science Hall on the main campus of Bethune-Cookman University in room S322 and is expanding into the Animal Care Room (S326) in Spring 2018. The facility is managed by Dr. Krejci and a team of undergraduate researchers.

The lab has plumbed airlines using a regenerative blower. Fish are currently housed in glass aquariums with saltwater mixed using Instant Ocean. The Lab contains three digital microscopes utilized extensively for classes and student research.


arl 2018
Aquatic Research Laboratory

In Spring 2018 the Lab will be divided into a wet and dry lab. The wetlab will be located in the Animal Care Room (S326). The expansion will include the construction of three recirculating aquaculture systems (1) saltwater broodstock (2) juvenile seahorse culture and (3) zebrafish broodstock

Proposed use of Animal Care Room for Spring 2018 expansion

A summary of our research projects can be found here.

Profiles of our students can be found here.

A list of our current species housed in the lab can be found here.

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