BI 141-Principles of Biology I Lecture and Lab

Course Descriptions

This three credit hour lecture course is the first of a three-course sequence designed for science majors. The sequence offers an in-depth overview of the primary principles of molecular, cellular, and organismal biology.

General Biology I laboratory will be of three hours in duration, once per week. Students will do “hands-on” laboratory experiments as assigned by the instructors. Students will have to complete the experiments and submit the laboratory reports as required by the instructors each week. The laboratory component will also consist of films or slide presentations. Students will be required to submit a summary of what they have learned from these audio-visual aids.

Role and Innovations

I have taught multiple sections of lecture for this course over several years at Bethune-Cookman University. When I first began teaching we transitioned to a new textbook, which required rebuilding the syllabus schedule, developing new lectures, activities, and online homework in our Learning Management System. Special attention is paid in this course to adjusting freshman to the rigors of a college course and college in general. I have focused on providing material on study skills, note taking, and supervising a peer mentorship program.

I have served as coordinator of the labs for multiple semesters which involves coordinating two to three faculty and delivering adjustments to the department chair. Over my years as coordinator and instructor I have organized and preformed rewrites of our lab procedures and introduced several new labs. We have focused the lab on developing students understanding of hypotheses, basic lab procedures, and scientific writing.

Measuring temperature profiles
Statistics lab measuring plant leaves
Microscope lab: Adult copepod 
Microscope lab: Shrimp leg
Microscope lab: Crab
Microscope lab: Diatom
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