Coursework– A summary of courses and associated course descriptions for those I have taught at the college level. An additional summary of innovations and roles I have played within the courses is included.

BI 337- Ecology Lecture & Lab

ES 246- Environmental Microbiology Lecture & Lab

BI 141-Principles of Biology I Lecture & Lab

BI 355- Introduction to Marine Biology Lecture & Lab

BI 440- Research

BI 131-Introduction to Biology

ES 130- Introduction to Environmental Science

OCN 4911-Marine Field Projects

OCN 4106/ Mitigation and Restoration of Coastal Systems

OCN 3111-Biological Oceanography Lab

OCN 1010-Introduction to Oceanography

BIO 3625-Molluscan Aquaculture Lab

BIO 4625-Crustacean Aquaculture Lab

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