Meet the Students

IMG_6589.JPGDestinyee Sims, Junior– Greetings everyone, I was born in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia and I am a senior at the GREAT Bethune Cookman University majoring in Biology. When I graduate from Bethune Cookman I aspire to become a Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine. In the Marine life research lab at my university, I work closely with Zebrafish (Danio Reio) to provide daily feeding, weekly water quality, and producing embryos. The goal of my experiment is to produce enough healthy embryos to test E-cigarette extraction on. One, fun fact about is I love to listen to weird ASMR sounds while sleeping. 

image1 (1).jpegAlyssa “Ally” Stubbs, Senior- I am a Bahamian born and raised. When I graduate my intentions are to obtain my masters in biochemistry and later attend medical school where I would want to specialize in neonatal practice. In the lab I am studying the feeding selectivity of juvenile seahorses. A fun fact about me is even thought I have not played in a while I am an amazing soccer player.




Lesley Lizarralde, Freshman– Growing up I constantly moved around. I was always known for moving twice a year, every year. I was born in Hollywood, FL but ended up living throughout all of Broward county. I’ve been to three different high schools, and lived in countless cities. I also grew up in Naples, FL till I was around 8 years old. When I graduate from college, I plan to be a marine biologist. Going into college I wanted to graduate with a masters degree, but eventually that mentality began to change. To this day, I ponder whether or not I want to earn my PhD, simply because I would love to educate others on ocean conservation and bring awareness to young adolescents on current issues & think of future solutions. I am still undecided as to what exactly I am going to research in the lab, but I plan to decide as soon as possible, so I can begin to gain experience and be at the start of my journey for my future career. A fun fact about me is that even though I would like to be a marine biologist, I want to be capable of doing many jobs. For example: being a mechanic, but also be a makeup artist or a photographer. I would like to have extensive knowledge on many jobs and careers other than just marine biology. I believe life is too short to want to do just have ONE career.

7c19b5cdc2bc48f5a9615bb60821fc40.jpgLauren Albury, Freshman- I am from New Providence, The Bahamas. My major is Integrated Environmental Science and my ideal profession is Geology. I enjoy being outside as it gives me a peace of mind. I am currently a researcher examining the impacts of dragline ditches on zooplankton diversity and abundance. Fun Fact: I am allergic to grass but plan to be a Geologist.