New research collaborations


On Thursday I went out with our plant physiologist and fisheries biologist to tour restored marshes in the Tomoka Marsh Aquatic Preserve with DEP aquatic preserve manager.

We are organizing pre-sampling of water quality, zooplankton and fish for September in Gamble Rogers Marsh which will have drag-line ditch impoundments restored soon. We’ll continue with post monitoring once the restoration is complete.

My marine bio class will head out to the preserve to measure abiotic conditions in Gamble Rogers in a couple of weeks.

Now I need to find a student to lead the project!


Welcome back to B-CU!

IMG_5927It’s back to class at B-CU! I organized a “Welcome to the Science Building” information table to help students get around the building for the first two days of campus. We had signs at each mainĀ corridor and hallway junctions Professors from the college volunteered for 1 hour sessions to man the table.

The event was a huge success and greeting students with friendly smiles and information made a confusing first few days easier. It’s definitely a repeat event!

It was great to see all my researchers and former students back!