Prepping for new seahorses!

Tomorrow we are getting a donation of 12 adult dwarf seahorses (Hippocampus zosterae) from Alyssa’s Seahorse Savvy which will be used as broodstock to produce offspring for our seahorse feeding selectivity study. The study will provide a feeding protocol to improve seahorse culture and function as a model for understanding how changing zooplankton populations will impact higher trophic levels. We have a 30 gallon recirculating system set up and ready for our special delivery in the Aquatic Research Laboratory! The system was donated by Dr. Adeljean Ho, Assistant Professor of Integrated Environmental Science at B-CU.

Late night presentation practice!

We have five undergraduates presenting at Florida Academy of Sciences tomorrow at Florida Tech in Melbourne! I’m excited to be back at my alma mater and to spend the day hearing about awesome research!

Pollinator Garden Unit

As part of a grant looking to improve socioscientific argumentation I’ve designed a unit with Dr. Don Spence and Dr. Hector Torres in ES 130 Honors Introduction to Environmental Science. Students will compare whether direct sowing or greenhouse cultured transplants are best for establishing a garden. They’ll be using instrumentation to monitor soil chemistry, moisture and other environmental parameters in addition to monitoring plant metrics.

Workshop with Siena Heights University

The Krejci Aquatic Research laboratory had the pleasure of meeting up with Siena Heights University (Michigan) students and faculty for their Oceanography field course.

Miranda and Lauren from B-CU helped out as field assistants and provided students with insights on nutrient pollution and living shorelines research to the students.

We conducted a lab examining intertidal zonation and species densities along Ponce Inlet. It was a gorgeous day, the students were hardworking and had great questions about local water issues!


On Saturday February 23rd we traveled up to the University of North Florida to present posters at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference.

Doctors never stop learning!

Dr. Cho is taking the time to teach a course on remote sensing to Dr. Calderon, grad student Abraham, and myself so we can be better prepared in designing our swarm robotics ocean monitoring system.

This system will use drones fitted with a variety of sensors including a hyperspectral sensor to monitor chlorophyll a in coastal Florida lagoons. Dr. Calderon has built a prototype drone and his colleagues in Columbia are working on the programming and simulations.

A busy day!

B-CU hosted simultaneous events today starting with an all day event hosting FAMU-CCME partners for our NOAA funded grant, the Presidents Spring assembly, and the student practice presentations for the FURC conference.

The Krejci Aquatic Research Lab undergraduates did not disappoint in their top notch posters and presentation skills. Well done to these hard working scholars that impressed B-CU and FAMU faculty!

Late night poster session night..and pizza

We are coming up on a deadline to get posters done for FURC in about a week. Tonight was getting our graphs on the posters and cleaning up the writing on our seahorse and zooplankton posters. It’s very serious late night science work. Absolutely no shenanigans happened.

LOI Submission!

Dr. Krejci, Dr. Juan Calderon, and Dr. Hyun Cho collaborated on a submission for FL Seagrant to develop a Swarm Robotic Ocean Monitoring System for chlorophyll a analysis of algal blooms in Florida. Fingers crossed for an accepted letter and a chance to write a full proposal!