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Socioscientific Argumentation in non-major Environmental Science (ES130)-

As part of an NSF funded project obtained by P.I. Dr. Hector Torres and Dr. Raphael Isokpehi, Dr. Krejci developed two modules which were piloted in Fall 2019. One module asked students to assess which method of constructing a pollinator garden, direct sow or potted seedlings was more effective by collecting scientific data on plant germination, survival and growth. The second module utilized a flipped classroom for students to explore the benefits and concerns of GMO foods versus organic foods. 

During Fall 2019, an additional module was developed using an argument driven inquiry model with scaffolding. Students participated in online argument diagramming training modules, followed by the flipped classroom exploring the benefits and concerns of GMO foods versus organic foods on societal issues, human health and climate change. Students used the argument diagramming methodology to map out claims, evidence and ultimately their conclusions on which food option is best. Pre and post test data was gathered in addition to student surveys of satisfaction. Results are being analyzed for presentation in Spring 2020 and application into multiple sections of ES130.

Visual Literacy interventions in Higher Education- In fall 2019 Dr. Krejci and Dr. Shirma Ramroop-Butts under the mentorship of Dr. Raphael Isokpehi, developed an intervention on visual literacy in non-major environmental science students. The intervention tests students ability to read scientific visuals at elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels and seeks to improve scores through lectures and homework assignments. A pilot study demonstrated improvements in advanced literacy following the intervention. A manuscript is currently being prepared for publication.

Open Educational Resources in Online Environmental Science –Bethune-Cookman University participated in an Open Education Resources pilot program in collaboration with California State University’s Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) and Tennessee State University. Grant awards were provided by The Hewlett Packard and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations.

Dr. Krejci’s role was to design, implement, and collect data on the use of OER in ES 130 Introduction to Environmental Science Online. The OER materials consisted of over 100 links to websites, articles, and online textbooks to cover all the required material in the course. Dr. Krejci constructed online reading comprehension questions and homework in the elearning management system and taught the course in Fall 2018. Dr. Krejci collected data throughout the semester on student satisfaction through the use of students surveys. The results of this pilot study were presented during the 2018 OER HBCU Forum at B-CU and OLC Innovate in March 2019. A manuscript is currently being prepared for publication.

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