Chlorophyll a analysis with Dr. Hunsucker

Senior Jonathan Johnson is preparing for his senior thesis presentation on the impacts of the 2018 superbloom on zooplankton. He’s been presenting research obtained during the summer CURE program, but we resampled the superbloom in November 2018 and he has yet to share those findings. One last measurement was our chlorophyll a analysis. Dr. Kelli Hunsucker from Florida Tech generously offered her tissue grinders, acetone and spectrophotometer for us to use. Five hours of tissue grinding and analysis and the data is finally complete to run our PCA and distance linear model! (And I’m sure Jonathan never wants to see another chlorophyll sample again) A special thanks to the Florida Tech work studies who took some of the work load off us today! I’m incredibly grateful for my friends at Florida Tech who are willing to lend a hand and a lab to make science happen 💙

Jonathan organizing the final samples
Jonathan loading the samples into the spec
Saying good bye to the tissue grinder FOREVER!
A pretty obvious chlorophyll signature from control and superbloom sites
Scientists after a long, successful collaboration filled day!

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